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Edwards | Smoke Bomb Photo Session | Texas Hill Country Maternity Photographer

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Edwards | Smoke Bomb Photo Session


Reading the title, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh goodness, another Fourth of July post”. I can assure you, this blog post doesn’t pertain to any sort of fireworks! In fact, this has to do with maternity sessions!


I’m sure I’m really losing you here. Did I just write, smoke bomb with maternity sessions? You betcha!


So in a sense, that may not seem safe. But if you do enough research, you’ll know that there’s a difference between the smoke bombs you buy at the firework stand, in comparison to the ones you special order.


The same logic goes to when you have a sparkler exit at a wedding. You don’t buy regular sparklers because they can easily blow up on your guests. You have to special order wedding sparklers since they’re much safer.


(Don’t believe me? Click here to read a blog from a fellow photographer who encountered actual firework sparklers!)


So with smoke bombs, same thing-they can blow up. And that’s a HUGE safety hazard for momma, and for anyone involved.


So how do you add in smoke bombs safely?


Well, there’s two ways. One, special order smoke bombs that are made ONLY for photography purposes, and NOT for any sort of Fourth of July/New Year’s Eve display.


Or two, Photoshop.


Looking at the photo below, what method do you think I used? Real? Or Photoshop?


Are you interested in learning more about my smoke bomb sessions? Contact me today, and we can arrange your own photo shoot!


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