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Hill Country Photographer Husband & Wife Duo | Estefana Najera & Samuel Ervin

Specializing in Maternity, Engagement, Wedding, and Themed Sessions


Born and raised in the Texas Hill Country, I love watching the stars at night and cuddling up with my husband and 3 cats.

I enjoy meeting new people and learning more about life and all its endeavors.

My images match myself in a lot of ways. Colorful, happy, and sentimental.

While I always stay true to my style, it evolves to match the individuals, and wedding I’m photographing.

When I’m not out working with my camera, you’ll find me singing out loud in my apartment to Michael Jackson, 90’s music, and whatever is on the radio! Not only that, but I enjoy cooking and learning new recipes and occasionally, making my own recipes! My husband says I’m a great cook but he may be biased on that one. Did I mention Gordon Ramsay is my favorite chef?

I absolutely love being one of the many awesome photographers in the Texas Hill Country area! Thanks so much for visiting my site!

Did I mention I’m a rad wedding photographer? No? Ok moving on.


Being that I love photography, I decided to embark on the journey years ago by heading to college after high school, and graduating with an associate’s degree in fashion photography with Phi Theta Kappa Honors, and I won multiple awards, along with some publications. I even had the opportunity to work for COTA, Circuit of the Americas, for MotoGP & Formula One. Talk about a long journey, but definitely well worth the time!


But before we meet, you might like to know a few fun/random facts about myself:


  • I also studied criminal justice for 2 years. (This career is way better.)
  • I'm much older than I look. I often get mistaken for being in high school. I'm told it will be appreciated later in life!
  • I have 3 rescue cats and an amazing husband who is also a photographer! (We met in college!)
  • If it weren’t for my husband, I would probably starve.
  • You would probably beat me at poker, as I have no idea how to play it in the first place.
  • I’ve never played Monopoly. (Maybe that’s not a bad thing?)
  • I love animals an occasionally work for the SPCA donating my time as a portrait photographer.
  • I love being neat and tidy which is why I use bullet points like they’re still in style. Oops!
  • I’m a fun, loving, and outgoing gal once I get behind my camera since I get to create memories for you and your family! What a privilege for me!


So enough about me, what about you? :)