Cactus Engagement Photographer | Texas Hill Country Portrait Photographer

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"Cactus" Engagement Photographer | Texas Hill Country Portrait Photographer


Have you ever had a moment that you frequently look back on and say, “Wow, how did I even manage that?”. Well, you’re in for a laugh!

I was hired a tad last minute to do a surprise engagement session, (a couple years back). With all of the details, I arrived at the location ready to go and prepared for a major “YES” from the possible bride-to-be. Even with all of the details, I realized I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was.

We were out in the middle of nowhere, but beautiful nonetheless! THOUGH, I wish I could have dressed differently. Mosquitos-EVERYWHERE, and a TON of cactuses. So truly, the shoes I was wearing, bad idea! I should have gone with some boots, and I probably should have brought some armor for my butt. Why? You have to keep reading!

So here’s the inside story. As I was hiding in the bushes with my client’s mother & sister, the couple begins to walk by us, so then I whip out my camera and begin shooting. I realized I was a little too close to the couple, (trying not to be seen), so I take a few steps back and squat down. I didn’t even think to scan my surroundings because I didn’t have time. SO, as I sat down, a massive amount of pain ran up my butt to my back. I looked down, and what do you know. A. BIG. CACTUS! My butt was just COVERED in cactus spines! I did everything I could to not yell OUCH, and I succeeded thankfully. I pulled myself together in time, and continued on with the shoot.

Oh, did I mention that I made the matter worse by rubbing my hand along my lower back when I sat on the cactus? Double the ouch!

The entire session lasted about an hour, so during that time, I had one butt cheek FULL of cactus spines + my left hand. Thankfully, it was all worth it in the end because the bride-to-be said YES! So, I can now say I went through an entire session with a butt cheek full of cactus spines, AND I didn’t ruin the moment. I probably should get an award in the shape of a cactus don’t you think?

You can officially call me the cactus engagement photographer! Where our pain brings you happiness!


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