Haegglund Family Session | Texas Hill Country Portrait Photographer

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Haegglund Family Session | Texas Hill Country Portrait Photographer


Spring is in the air which means, the grass is finally green! Texas is known for giving us a few days of nice weather before it steams us with 100+ degrees. Thankfully, I was able to capture this family's day during perfect weather! A couple days prior, a horrible storm blew through Fredericksburg. Trees were knocked down, power lines were out, the whole nine yards. Looking at these photos, you wouldn't have guessed a bad storm had passed by.


Even though things were rough around town, things cleared up and were back to normal. I was afraid we were going to have to reschedule, but thankfully that wasn't needed!


One fun fact, Julliette is not only an amazing chef, but she's an author! If you check out her Instagram page @juliettes_dreams_of_food you'll see all of her amazing plates! (If you visit, let her know you stopped by from our blog.) I highly recommend giving her a look and also, please check out her website to purchase her book! Click here to visit her site. 



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