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Toni | Milk Bath Photo Session


Ladies, maternity sessions are truly a lot of fun. Don’t ever feel like you don’t need to get in front of the camera because I promise you, capturing those precious moments with your baby are so important!


Now, maternity sessions aren’t just limited to standing in front of the camera in some sort of field. There are new styles coming about! Have you ever heard of a milk bath?


Ok, I’m sure I’m losing you here. Did you just read, “milk bath”? Is that some sort of weird milk shake? I promise you, it’s not.


A milk bath is where someone sits in a tub, surrounded by flowers, and gets their photos taken all while in a lace gown. Now, this may seem strange to some. I even had someone tell me, “That’s just crazy”. But I can assure you; it’s actually not uncommon.


Milk baths aren’t just limited to maternity sessions; some even put their kids in the tub with Cheerios. Still strange? Ok, back to the maternity aspect of it.


So with maternity sessions, some mommas just want something completely different. Something that’ll really focus on their beauty, excitement, and of course, their baby! When you incorporate all those aspects into a milk bath, you get a gorgeous scene! Not only that, but also most mommas tell me that the milk we use actually makes your skin feel smooth. You can’t go wrong with smooth skin!


(Maybe they should label it a spa maternity session instead? It’s all the same!)


Below, are some photos from my recent photo shoot with a gorgeous momma. She picked out her dress & the arrangement of flowers. Everything came together really well, and I was so excited to send off her gallery!


Now mommas, don’t forget, this is your time to shine! Have a spa day AND a photo shoot, all at the same time. It’ll be your day to remember!


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