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Jeremy & Cristal | Baby Guy


It’s been well over a year since this couple has said “I DO”, but I just wanted to revisit their photos because, why not?


Their day was as magical as any wedding. Love, beauty, and excitement. Everything was coming together nicely for this couple, and they were able to say “I DO” in front of all their family and friends!





And not to mention, they had a really cute getaway car that took them straight to the venue.


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Their ceremony was held at Bethany Lutheran Church, and their reception was at The Lodge at Country Inn & Cottages. (Both areas are located in Fredericksburg, Tx.)


As the day went on, more and more love was just beaming from this couple. I honestly can’t say it enough, I absolutely LOVE weddings. I love seeing everyone come together in support of their loved one. And sometimes, I can’t help but tear up during their first dance. Am I sappy? Oops!




About a year after their wedding, I received an exciting email... Cristal was pregnant, and expecting very soon! I was so excited! Soon after, she delivered a healthy baby boy named Guy.


About 3 weeks after his birth, I had the privilege of photographing little Guy for his first photo shoot! He was just the cutest, and he knew he had to do well on posing just for momma. We were able to get in some adorable shots, and I was even able to photoshop Guy into a little egg!


Since the photo shoot was earlier this year, Guy is about 7 months now I believe. So these photos aren’t super recent, but they sure are cute! Don’t you think so?


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