Contigo Ranch | Texas Hill Country Wedding Venue

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Contigo Ranch


It’s wedding season ladies! And you know what that means? Love is in the air!


If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you KNOW there are a lot of details to look into. Everything counts, from hair & makeup, the food, music, and most of all, the venue! Speaking of venue, let me help you out with that part.


Haven’t found a venue yet, and you feel like that’s top priority? Here’s an amazing, NEW venue that just opened up for business! With a new venue, it means no one else has used this facility, and you’ll be the first to create memories there!


Can you imagine? Walking down the aisle at a brand new venue with everything looking perfect. Birds are singing, the flowers smell amazing, and your vision coming to life. You saw it didn’t you? Well, here’s that perfect place!




Contigo Ranch is a venue located just outside of Fredericksburg near Enchanted Rock. This entire location is just GORGEOUS! And we truly mean that.


It has everything from suites off site, suites by the venue, and the most important area, the bridal suite! No need to be in any sort of stress before your big day. Stay at the venue, and have a cup of wine with your ladies! Or a soda. Which ever sounds better!


Each suite has its own personality. And by personality, I don’t mean that it shouts at you with attitude. Each suite has its own look, but yet, similar in their own ways. They all have a modern take to their appearance, but super cozy! AND, most of the suites have a HUGE walk in shower. Do you enjoy rainfalls? Step into a Contigo Ranch shower! (Seriously. It’ll blow your mind.)


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Can you imagine? Walking out of your room around 11 pm, and staring up at the stars with a cup of hot chocolate? Or waking up and seeing wild life outside your balcony? Contigo Ranch is just a beautiful location in its entirety. You seriously cannot go wrong coming here. It’s quiet, peaceful, and comfortable.


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Did I mention, Contigo is a Spanish word meaning “with you”?


Below, are some photos my husband and I took a little while back. We were super excited to be able to capture the area for the owners. We haven’t made our way into the actual venue yet, but we do have photos from most of the suites!


Are you interested in getting more info from this amazing location? Click here to be redirected to their main website, and let them know you saw their photos from my blog!


Don’t forget, saying “I DO” is important, but the venue is where you’ll always remember your first day as a married couple!



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