Tabitha & Tony | Texas Hill Country Wedding Photographer

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Tabitha + Tony | Texas Hill Country Wedding Photographer


On a beautiful Sunday afternoon on April 23rd at Texas Old Town in Kyle, Tabitha & Tony were getting ready for their much anticipated big day. The rooms were filled with excitement, laughter, and smiles. Both parties were ready to walk down the aisle and say "I Do".







Once it was time to make their way down to the ceremony site, I could feel the energy of the room change. Now, there was even MORE excitement! Tabitha & Tony have waited a long time for this very moment, and soon, they will become husband and wife. Family and friends began gathering by the ceremony site and grabbing a good seat. It was almost time!




The music began playing and that meant the big moment was here. Everyone got in position and began walking down the aisle. Finally, it was time for Tabitha to walk. Her smile lit up the ceremony site and she kept her focus on her soon-to-be husband. Tony gave a big smile when he saw Tabitha. The love was so powerful, everyone could feel it!




As the ceremony went on, Tabitha & Tony had several special additions. It was truly a beautiful, very spiritual, personal, and intimate ceremony. It's one they will treasure for a lifetime.











And just like that, the moment was here! Tabitha & Tony are now husband and wife! The crowd cheered and clapped as they made their way down. It was such an exciting moment as everyone was so happy to be a part of their special day. Their future together is just getting started!


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After the ceremony, it came time to do their portraits. This is my favorite moment as I get to spend more time with the couple, and get in those cute, adorable shots. At Texas Old Town, there are just so many gorgeous areas to use. Walking around, it's like a photographer's dream since you just don't know where to go first! There were the bridges, the open field and more. It's just a beautiful location, and I can definitely see why Tabitha & Tony chose it. It's a bit of the Hill Country in a quiet area outside of Kyle. It's hard to find quiet locations around the city, but this place has it all. Just look at their portraits below!


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For most bride and grooms, usually they get support from everyone in the family when it comes to tying the knot. But from the photo below, it seems like the bridal/groom party did not approve, but I'm not quite sure. You can decide for yourself ;)



After things had calmed down, it was time for the reception. The bride & groom had a live band playing, and one of the band members was the brother of the bride. How awesome is that? Not every brother can say they played at their sister's wedding, but the bride's brother definitely can say he did!


There were so many things going on during the reception, it was truly a blast. Three ladies gave a wonderful performance to the bride & groom by performing their own number to celebrate their big day. And family members came by and gave their congratulations to their new family member. Everyone was so happy, but mainly, the bride and groom were the most excited. They gave such big smiles throughout their day, and they were ready for their new future together.


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Thank you to Tabitha & Tony for allowing us to capture your day. We send our biggest congratulations to your new life together, and many Blessings for the future. Cheers to the newlyweds and cheers to forever! :)


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