Alana + Mike | Texas Hill Country Wedding Photographer

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Alana + Mike | Texas Hill Country Wedding Photographer


On a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon, on April 8th 2017, in a quiet area outside of Ingram, Texas at Lazy Hills Retreat, Alana & Mike were preparing for the biggest day of their lives. Saying "I Do".

The day started off with windy conditions, and bright sunny skies, but later turning into the perfect weather for a wedding! As Alana & Mike began getting ready, my husband and I walked around to get in those fun detail shots. I couldn't help but do my traditional "rings in the bouquet" setup. It just always comes out beautifully!




Once the bride & groom were ready, it was time to take their portrait photos. Lazy Hills Retreat is such a gorgeous location that you could literally stand anywhere, and you can get a really pretty photo. Especially bridal portraits!








After their photo shoot, Alana & Mike began their rehearsal with the best man and maid of honor. I have to say, those two are such a character! They didn't fail to make me laugh more than a handful of times. I can definitely see why they were chosen for their roles! Not only were they hilarious, they stood by their friend's side and kept them going through the whole evening. Just look at those smiles!




As the day went on, it was finally time for the big moment. Everyone began making their way down to the ceremony site while Alana stayed behind for her big walk. As Mike waited for Alana at the front, you could see his excitement, and anticipation for his soon-to-be wife to walk down the aisle towards him. This moment is always one of my favorites to capture. There is just so many emotions going on at once, not only from the groom, but from their family and friends.










Once Alana & Mike came together, it was time for a prayer. As they bowed their heads, I turned and saw the whole congregation doing the same. It's such a beautiful site to see everyone come together for a beautiful moment such as this one. It's not everyday that you have everyone you love all in the same spot!





As the ceremony went on, it was time for the big moment, walking down the aisle together as husband and wife. Alana and Mike professed their love in front of all of their family and friends, and everyone cheered for their new beginning as they made their way down. So many smiles and happy faces lit up that afternoon! I can definitely say, it was like their smiles turned up the brightness outside by a ton, but in a good way!










As everyone made their way into the reception hall, the party was just beginning to start. Alana & Mike made their way to the guest tables, greeting all of their loved ones who came to their big day. I heard a lot of laughter, jokes, and "is it time to eat yet?".

One thing I love about each reception is hearing the toast. For Alana & Mike, the toast came from the best man. I love his enthusiasm and love for his friends. Everyone joined in and raised their glasses for the newlyweds, and some even went up to them and gave them their thanks.






This day was one to remember and I truly want to say, on behalf of my husband and I, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day, and capturing your special moments. It's not everyday that two people come together and become one.

We wish you MANY more happy years of love and faith.

Cheers to Alana & Mike, and cheers to their beautiful future together!






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