Rescue Cats | Birthday Celebration

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Rescue Cats | Birthday Celebration


To mix things up a bit, I wanted to write a short post in dedication to my three loving, fun, yet annoying cats.


Three years ago, our first cat Sajera decided to adopt us back in May of 2014. I had just recently lost my dog, and getting a new pet was just NOT in the stars for me. It wasn't even something that had crossed my mind. But one day, I was scrolling through Facebook, and I saw that she needed my help. The idea was to foster her until she was old enough for adoption. (She was only three weeks old.) But it didn't take long for my husband to fall in love with her. He begged and begged for us to keep her, and I tried my absolute hardest to keep my foot down, but then I just gave in. She was definitely the most obnoxious cat to have around. I went through three iPhone cords within the first few months due to her teething spree, and I lost a lot of other things along the way too. But even though she was pretty annoying at first, I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. She's our little diva in training, and LOVES attention. It makes me happy that she brought me comfort during a dark time, and help me get through life in a better way. She's our little spoiled Sajera!




So you saw that I wrote three cats. Yup! We own three cats! We probably should have stopped at two, but we can't really complain. They were so cute!


For our other two cats, Morning & Midnight, someone unfortunately dumped them near by my parent's house last year in August. They were only two weeks old then. They were so tiny, but so full of fleas, mud, and stickers. It was hard to see them that way, and we felt like we weren't going to be successful in keeping them alive. But a miracle came, and they pulled through! Again, our plan was to foster them until they were old enough. But, AGAIN, my husband got attached, so I had to really think about it this time. It was not only my husband though, Sajera was growing fond of them too. We had always planned to get Sajera a sibling, so I decided we could keep them.


Though let me say, having three cats in a small household is probably not something most would take in. It's definitely hard at times, since they ALL want attention. But we do our best to give them as much love as we can give. They are super spoiled and follow us around all the time. They enjoy our company, and meow if we're not in the same room as them. They are truly a bundle of joy, and we're so thankful we could add them to our small family. There are some people in this world that are cruel, and untrustworthy, but their mistake led to our happiness.


Happy one year anniversary to my mustache cat and his sister Morning! We love all of our fur babies!






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