Lauren & Miguel | Texas Hill Country Wedding Photographer

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Lauren & Miguel | Texas Hill Country Wedding Photographer


Back in November of last year, I had the privilege of photographing this sweet couple by Enchanted Rock! They had a very small intimate wedding with just their immediate family members. This was my very first time photographing a wedding out by Enchanted Rock, so this was something new, but super fun! Even though this was during the late Autumn season, the day was slightly warmer than needed, and the sun was beaming down on the site. Typical Texas weather though, as most of us natives call it. Even though it was a tad warm, Lauren & Miguel were able to have the ceremony they always wanted. An intimate, short and sweet ceremony. It was something they truly wanted, as they wanted to share the rest of their time at a later reception among all of their friends and family.


Through the whole ceremony, Lauren couldn't help but laugh the entire time. Apparently, she had forgotten her bouquet at the suite she was staying at! She was in such a rush to say "I DO" that she had forgotten the one thing she spent a lot of time on. But regardless, she was happy, and the ceremony continued.




After the ceremony, it was time to make our way up to Enchanted Rock. I have to say, I couldn't help but stare at my bride the whole way up since my one thought was, "how is she going to climb up there in her wedding dress?". My bride was a super woman! And she trailed up the mountain with ease, and happiness. Although I couldn't say the same for myself. Carrying gear up a mountain is definitely a sure task, but I couldn't complain. I KNEW I was going to get some amazing shots along the way, and boy was I right! The scenery was just so dreamy, I couldn't help but pose them at each and every spot I could find. They were such an amazing couple to work with, and I'm so happy I was able to capture some sweet moments for them during their time in Fredericksburg. To view more of Lauren & Miguel's big day, scroll down below for more of their gorgeous portraits!


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