Jenna | Texas Hill Country Portrait Photographer

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Jenna | Texas Hill Country Portrait Photographer


It's not everyday that I get to write about one of my family members, but today is the day that I get to do just that! My oldest niece Jenna is just growing up so fast. *Cue the water works* I will never forget the time when we used to dance to the Teletubbies. Though that wasn't recent, that was back when we were only little girls. Seems like only yesterday when she was just five years old. But now, she's a junior in high school, almost ready to take on the world.


Back when I was in high school, I used to be a part of the local dance team. I have several fond memories of those times, and through the years, my hope was that one of my family members would also join the team in the future. And now, I can say that my wish has been fulfilled. Jenna had made the team earlier this year, and has trained very hard to be the best she can be on the field. Of course, being that I am a photographer now, I couldn't help but to take some portraits of her. I mean, I HAVE to show off how awesome she looks in her uniform. Though, I probably looked better in mine back in the day... Totally joking! Just being an aunt here.


One of the things I love about my job, is that I get to capture your moments in pictures, no matter who the person might be. And even though this was another photo shoot, this one was very special to my heart. Because I got to capture my gorgeous niece on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The realization always throws me off of how she is no longer my little niece, but no matter how old she'll get. She will always be that little girl who would throw tantrums in front of the TV. My little Jenna.


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